Rebel was founded with one idea in mind; to give people an efficient, intelligent and results-driven workout that fits seamlessly into a busy schedule by offering flexible times and pay-as-you-train/row options.  Rowing utilizes nearly 84% of your body's muscle. It's a high-intensity, low-impact workout with a killer soundtrack to help push your entire body further and harder. All of our training programs include time spent pushing iron in the weight room or pulling strokes on the ergs. Your progress is relentlessly monitored and your program adjusted to be sure that your time spent in our gym is never wasted. 


Location and Contact

River Arts District

408 Depot Street, Suite 130
Asheville, NC 28801





Weekdays: 6am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-11am     

Sunday: 9am-11am




  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowers

  • Rings

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Dumbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Jerk Boxes

  • Sled

  • Slam Balls

  • Monster Bands

  • Lockers

  • Chilled Towels

  • Free Hugs