The Struggle is Real(ly) Amazing

If I could offer one piece of advice to anyone looking to pursue any fitness oriented goal, it would simply be this: relish the struggle. 

No, really. Relish it. This isn't some attempt at deluding yourself into enjoying something that you should actually be hating. It is about learning to appreciate the very thing that provides value to ANY accomplishment that you have made. You see, without struggle, success is meaningless. Absolutely and completely meaningless. If there were no barrier to entry, would anybody be lining up to do it? 

Sure, you might get a handful of individuals who would salivate at any chance for a free pass, but once they had had their fill, would you really want it? Unequivocally , you would not. The fact that any mouthbreather could simply walk up and grab it would devalue whatever significance the accomplishment may have held. Don't believe me? Imagine, if you will, that every person at your local fitnessplex could simply snap his or her fingers and become the picture of strength, health, and athleticism. Would you even lift anymore, bro? If that goal no longer represents the work and determination that went into it, is there any legitimate reason to chase it? Mind blown, I know. 

So yes, when you are grinding out what seems to you to be yet another futile session under the bar, on the rower, or the mat, realize that in asking yourself if its worth the struggle, you have just proved that it is.

-- Adam Smith, Owner of Rebel Strength & Rowhouse

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