3 years in the making.

Rebel is turning 3, and with our anniversary we are beyond excited to be rolling out our new schedule. This marks a significant shift in how we are going to be approaching the week, and we wanted to delineate some of our reasons in pursuing such a revamp.

As it stands now, the types of classes that a member can take over the course of the week are wholly dependent on their belonging to either the “am” or “pm” crew. While the early risers are missing out on our longer efforts in what is now Rocket Row, the late shift doesn’t have as much access to the focused strength component to be found in our Iron and Ergs class. We’d also like to expose our weekend stalwarts to a bit more distance and to the benefits that longer aerobic efforts can provide.

This brings us to the distillation of three years of experience, feedback, and growth in programming and methodology. We are extremely proud to be releasing a schedule that fulfills the requirements of what we have found to be valuable in training, and are also going to be launching an entirely new rowing-free course offering as well. The main and most obvious change is that each day of the week will focus solely on a single class type (with the exception of the sprint class, which remains unchanged).

-Mondays will focus on mid-distance and bodyweight efforts with “The Catch”.

-Tuesdays will continue to be a mixture of rowing and kettlebell work in “THE Class”. And yes, this class is THE class.

- Wednesdays will take over the distance component with “The Swing”.

- Thursdays will be home to our newest class, “The Drive”. We’ll be putting up the rowers and digging more deeply into a broader spectrum of kettlebell movements that many clients have been asking to learn. Think snatches, cleans, and the more advanced double kettlebell movements.

-Friday will become our dedicated “rinse'“. Lower pressure rowing combined with concepts native to a whole spectrum of movement disciplines will give us the much needed dip in intensity at the end of our week.

-Saturday remains the same. Sunday will offer a second weekly option for the long row, paying homage to the long standing tradition in endurance sports to go long on Sunday.

The other big change within the program is the implementation of a “stillness practice” at the end of almost every workout. Stillness informs movement, and given the toxic widespread desire to constantly do more, but faster, we are excited to challenge our members to do literally nothing for a few brief minutes at the end of class.


Adam SmithComment