WHAT: The Rebel Games
LAUNCHES: September 3rd, 2016
DESCRIPTION: The Rebel Games will always take place on a Saturday at 10:00am. Each Rebel Game will be a different challenge with a different theme with a different prize followed by a different victory treat.


THEME: Teamwork
DUO•ROW CHALLENGE: Rebels will double up and motivate each other through the finish line. You will share a rower and alternate timed rowing blocks with body weight intervals. The goal is to collectively row as many meters as possible in 60 min. Post-victory smoothies for all provided by Rebel, along with prizes for the 1st-3rd winners. 


NOTES: If you would like to participate but need a partner, let us know and we will make it happen! Both parts of the duo need to register online prior to the event. You can sign-up by clicking here. Standard class pricing per person applies. We welcome current, new and non-member Rebels to participate! All fitness levels welcome. 

Adam SmithComment